Tire Scythe - Tire Siper


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The Tire Scythe is the newest and most innovative way to cut your tire. This patent pending design allows you quickly and effortlessly work on your tire and save a tremendous amount of time. No need to worry about blades getting dull either,The Tire Scythe allows you to easily change blades when needed for a very affordable price. This is the best thing to come to dirt racing in a long time.

- Capability to sipe a tire in just a few minutes time
- 5 adjustable tire cutting heads (22° right, 22° left, straight, and 2 circumference heads)
- Does accept the tire needler head
- Works on tire machines that utilize a 3/4" heim and shaft setup
- Can be used on all types of tire compounds and configurations
- 6 circumference blades included.
- 10-1/8" and 10-3/16" circumference spacers included
- Titanium blades that are replaceable