INX-135X00X118 #1

Bassett Wheel - Black - 13 LB

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- Basset
- 13" x 7"
- Steel
- Black powdercoated

The 13" Bassett Inertia Advantage series wheels use the Inertia Advantage five-spoke center design and a high quality spun-form shell. The brake cooling holes feature almost 9 square inches more area, while the weight placement in the center helps the wheel rotate faster. Also, CNC spun form rim shell construction and strict quality control means runout is much lower than other 13" wheels on the market.

- Light weight and low runout (under .030") thanks to spun-form wheel shells produced in-house
- Reinforced torque ring and forged coining on center increases durability
- The 5/8" valve stem hole is located behind the center to avoid clipping
- Larger brake cooling holes reduce brake temperature and prevent fading during long feature races

ATTENTION: Bassett Racing Wheels are lug-centric, which means the wheel is constructed and trued off of the bolt circle. The center hub bore hole can not be used to balance Bassett Racing Wheels. We recommend using an experienced tire mounter with a bolt pattern adapter plate that allows for balancing off of the bolt circle.

Bassett Racing Wheels also require 45 degree chamfer lug nuts

An INEX Legends approved part.

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