WEH-WM200-3-QA-RR-DS #1

1/2" LW 7" DBL Shear RR Qa Bronze Cage


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Suspension Cage Plate
- 3/4” Hole
- Quick Adjust
- Bronze
- Right Rear Shock Plate

Our steel suspension cages have a split plate design that allows you to change plates if you need to without removing the hub, brake, and cage. Standard cage comes with 4”, 5”, 6”, and 7” shock drops. The 4 bar rods have 5 holes on the top and bottom to change indexing, with a 9” standard bar spacing. Our cage designs are second to none with options to fit any car or suspension design with bearing or bronze options in both single and double shear plate design. The Combo Cages allow you to clamp the brake caliper to the cage or use it as a brake floater in one package which give you a tuning option available by no other company. Our Combo Cages now can be built with the Triple Brake Option to also allow you to clamp the brake to the axle tube. Cages come complete with clamp rings and all hardware. Shock mount options to choose from are straight stud, or a bind free swivel mount and are sold separately.

Our cages now use our Quick Adjust technology that allows you to make a bar change without removing the bolt. To make a 4 bar change you loosen the bolt until the shouldered spacer is free, adjust up or down, reinsert the spacer, and tighten in the new position. All of our cage plates are now laser engraved for easy reference so you know where your 4 bars are at, and all the part numbers are on the parts for easy replacement reference.