WIX-42096R #1

4x14 Air Filter Element

WIX FILTERS  |  Part# WIX-42096R

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High Efficiency Endurance air filters use a media specifically developed to filter out harmful
contaminants while providing low restriction. With a Frazier airflow of approximately 73 CFM, this is an ideal air filter for the late model, sportsman and modified racers who run primarily on dirt tracks.

Our High Efficiency Endurance air filters also sharethe same exclusive component features as the Advanced Performance air filters.

Air Filter Features:
- High-performance media is designed to provide increased airflow.
- Outer screen of expanded metal protects the filter media and supports the filter assembly.
- Molded plastisol top and bottom ensure a positive seal between the filter and the air intake housing.
- Inner screen of epoxy-coated steel wire withstands corrosion and ensures stability of the filter element.

Principle Application: Racing Applications Only

Racing performance parts are sold "as is" without any warranty. NO IMPLIED WARRANTY for fitness or merchantability is included. The buyer assumes all risks related to the use of this product. New vehicle and equipment warranties are voided when this product is used in competitive racing or on modified high performance engines.

Part Number: 42096R
UPC Number: 765809129153
Style: Air Filter
Service: Air
Media: Cellulose
Height: 4.05 (103)*
Outer Diameter: 13.875 (352)*
Inside Diameter: 11.625 (295)*
Ends: Plastic
CFM: 600