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Brake Pads - Metric - DTC 05


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Brake Pads - DTC-05 Compound - Low Torque - LOW-MID Temperature - GM Metric Caliper - Set Of 4


Brake Pads
- DTC-05 compound
- Metric GM
- Set of 4

- Manufactured from formulas specifically designed for short track racing
- Dyno and on-track testing
- Increases stopping power
- Reduces brake fade
- Extended pad life

Our standard installation procedures are outlined below, and should be followed in accordance with the application-specific brake pad installation instructions provided by the vehicle manufacturer.

Brake Pad Installation Procedure:
- Install brake pads properly. Be sure pads are securely positioned in the caliper.
- Check Brake Fluid. Flush and replace, as needed.
- Check all hydraulic parts for excess wear and tear.
- Check rotor for deep grooves or scoring. Resurface or replace rotor, as needed.
- If rotors do not need resurfacing, then contamination from the previous brake pads must be removed. Sand rotors with 130-grit sandpaper using moderate pressure. Use soap and water to clean rotor surface after sanding. Rotors should be free and clear of oil, grease and brake fluid.
- Inspect calipers for freedom of movement. Lubricate where necessary.

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